Thank you for taking the time to visit my art blog. As you will see, I mainly sketch the female figure but also dabble in portraiture and other areas. I was born on a small Island just off the North West Coast of Scotland and had the desire to become an artist from the age of seven.

Currently, I have began to establish myself in the international market, mainly selling to people in the USA but have also sold pieces to Germany, Australia, Spain, the UK, Ireland, South America and Canada. There is no place too far!  I sell my work on ebay as it is the easiest way to make my art available to the largest possible audience.

Originally from Scotland, I now live on the South Coast of Ireland with my wife and son.

The one artist in particular who inspired me to become an artist myself would be Vincent Van Gogh because of his eccentric personality and the very interesting life he led.  I am also inspired by Jack Vettriano who is also from Fife, where I was brought up in Scotland.  My modern day influences would have to be Tracy Emin and Banksy because of the controversial nature of their work.

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